The Meeting Place Clubhouse

Clubhouse Units

All “standards-based” Clubhouses organize into units. At The Meeting Place, we currently have two units for members to choose from.

Each of these units has significant and varied work opportunities. Each has its own staff and responsibilities for helping to keep the Clubhouse running smoothly.Members choose their unit based solely on their interests and preferences. The unit serves as “home base” and members are encouraged to check in with their unit every time they visit the Clubhouse.

At The Meeting Place, we have two unit meetings every day. The first one takes place at 9:00 a.m., and the afternoon meeting takes place immediately following our 1:00 p.m. in-house newscast.

The unit meeting is vital to the functioning of the unit.

During this meeting staff and members discuss the work that needs to be done for that day, determine who´s doing it, prioritize, track projects, plan and establish goals for the unit and check in with each other.

Unit One

Unit One is responsible for the Kitchen, the Cafe and the Fitness Center. Some of the major work responsibilities include:

  • Planning and shopping for menu items
  • Preparing Clubhouse meals
  • Maintaining fitness center
  • Managing, selling and stocking cafe items
  • Production of our In-House Newscast
  • Researching and presentation nutrition and health information
  • Recycling

Unit Two

Unit Two is responsible for the business, administrative, and communication duties of the Clubhouse. Some of the major work responsibilities include:

  • Managing of the receptionist duties
  • Data entry
  • Production of the monthly Newsletter
  • Managing our social media accounts
  • Creation of outreach and other greeting cards
  • Tracking and managing Clubhouse statistics
  • Compiling and completing reports